Fellowship Opportunities
Job Posted: 18 September 2017
Company: Rutgers University
Closing Date: 31 December 2017
Location: New Brunswick, NJ


J. Robert Beyster Fellowship - Louis O. Kelso Fellowships - George S. Pillsbury Fellowship – Kevin Ruble Fellowship for Conscious Capitalism

For the study of employee stock ownership, profit sharing, broad-based grants of stock and  stock options, and broadened ownership of capital by citizens in the corporation and society of the United States

The Fellowship Program invites applications from doctoral students, pre/post tenure scholars, experts with professional degrees in U.S. institutions in the social sciences and humanities for the 2018-2019 research fellowship competition. The Beyster Fellowship ($25,000) deals with broad-based equity compensation in stock market and entrepreneurial companies.  The Louis O. Kelso Fellowships ($12,500) support research on the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and broadened capital ownership funds for citizens such as dividend and second income proposals. The George S. Pillsbury Fellowship ($12,500.) will consider employee ownership and profit sharing.  The Kevin Ruble Fellowship in Conscious Capitalism focuses on studying businesses that are consciously designed to make a profit and further broader human values by sharing ownership and profits with employees and enhancing the well-being of other stakeholders and the environment.  The proposed study may use different methodologies, for example, an analysis of existing administrative data, the creation of a new unique dataset, the use of recent General Social Survey data on these questions, employee surveys, case studies of firms, ethnography, theory construction, social history, policy analysis, or others.  Stipends can be used for research, travel, or living expenses and are awarded for residence at the scholar’s home university. 

Submit an email application with a 1500 word essay and a CV by December 31, 2017 with decisions by March 15, 2018 and ask three academic references to send their letters of reference separately to: beysterfellowships@smlr.rutgers.edu or kelso_fellowships@smlr.rutgers.edu  or fellowship_program@smlr.rutgers.edu  For info/questions, see: https://smlr.rutgers.edu/content/fellowships-professorships  
for a listing of all 120 current and past Fellows or email the Director of the Fellowship Program.