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LERA opened a new chapter in its history with the 65th Annual Meeting in St. Louis June 6-9 with its first-ever independent gathering after 40 years of joint meetings with the American Economic Association.

What did it mean?

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In the news

The pioneering feminist economist’s life journey took her from her native Czechoslovakia to Canada to the University of Chicago to the University of Illinois.

Marianne A. Ferber died in Urbana, Ill., on May 11, 2013. She was 90. She was a longtime LERA member and a pioneering feminist economist who spent her academic career at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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From ED's Desk

Thats great but...

what's next? As pleased as I am about how well the Annual Meeting went in St. Louis, I am equally proud of the printed publications: Persepctives on Work and the Annual Research Volume. Look for both in the mail next month.

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Also of note

Watch Wilma Liebman's lecture, Former Chairman, National Labor Relations Board. Speaks at Cornell for the Milton Korvitz Memorial Lecture 4-29-2013 “Over the Cliff? What’s Next for American Labor Law.” Watch the lecture: http://bit.ly/YsrwbI                                  

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Members in Print

Richard M. Locke's new book, The Promise and Limits of Private Power: Promoting Labor Standards in a Global Economy, is a timely book when the terrible Rana

Plaza factory fire in Bangladesh killed hundreds was in the news.

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