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December 2010

Dear Colleague,

As three former Secretaries of Labor, we understand the important inputs that academia can provide to public policy, but also the difficulties that impede effective contributions. Throughout his life, John Dunlop was a role model as he moved between the highest levels of academia, government, labor, and management addressing critical problems of the labor market and workplace. Finding ways to build better bridges between the academic and applied worlds has never been more important and we write to ask you for your support of an effort to build on John Dunlop's legacy through the work of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA).

John embodied one of the defining features of the LERA, namely, the need to bring together the world of ideas and the world of doers around topics of critical importance to national policy. He stressed this critical function of our organization during his 1960 presidential address to the Industrial Relations Research Association (LERA’s predecessor organization) “Consensus and National Labor Policy.”  

LERA seeks to honor John’s memory and legacy by building a fund to carry forward dialogue between researchers and policy makers. LERA periodically hosts a National Policy Forum in Washington at which we bring the best research available to bear on the critical policy issues of the day. We will use the funds gathered from this effort to support future Forums and specifically designate one session the “John T. Dunlop Public Policy Panel.”   

John was a mentor to hundreds, perhaps even thousands of students, young professionals, and colleagues over the nearly 70 years of his career at Harvard and his work in Washington and around the world. We hope that his students, colleagues, and admirers will join us in contributing to this fund to ensure that John’s legacy lives on in the fashion he would appreciate and approve.

You may send your contributions to the John T. Dunlop Public Policy Fund by making out a check out to the LERA and returning it with the enclosed card. To contribute using your credit card, visit the LERA website at, select the “Give to LERA” quick link, and look for the John T. Dunlop Fund option. We thank you for your support. 


George P. Shultz                        W. J. “Bill” Usery, Jr                 F. Ray Marshall              
Honorary Co-chair                    Honorary Co-chair                Honorary Co-chair

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