Labor Relations Manager
Job Posted: 7 September 2018
Company: The Walt Disney Company
Closing Date: Until Filled
Location: Anaheim, CA


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Job Summary:

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration we enable a culture of change by providing labor expertise for our organization.
Our goal is to be the most creative, innovative, engaged Labor Relations Team, demanding excellence in all that we do.


Provide strategic guidance and consultation to all levels of Company leaders, including executives with regard to policy/practices/collective bargaining agreements and employment law by maintaining active knowledge of Human Resources issues, National Labor Relations Board case law and fostering positive labor/management relations. Work scope includes administering and interpreting multiple collective bargaining agreements; interfacing with state and federal agencies, as necessary; assisting in negotiations planning, bargaining and contract implementation; building strong partnerships with management to enable business changes and working condition impacts that trigger effects bargaining; managing client consultations, grievances and arbitrations via a technology case management system; representing Labor Relations on Human Resources and Operations on project management initiatives; facilitating/leading meetings and client training; making presentations and providing creative solutions to evolving departmental work enhancements and efficiencies. Able to strategically interact with all levels of leadership, independently manage a high-volume work scope, influence recommendations, activate decisions and contribute to a strong-performing team.

Basic Qualifications:

Professional / Labor Acumen / Business Strategy

  • Understanding of all aspects of labor and human resources related laws, regulations, policies , principles, concepts and practices, including but not limited to the NLRB, Title VII, EEO, ADA AND FMLA
  • Proven experience in negotiations preparation, bargaining, implementation and administration of Collective Bargaining Agreements representing employers in the service/hospitality, entertainment, craft maintenance, security and transportation industry
  • Confident, progressive and professional interface with representatives of labor/union affiliates; ability to portray a professional demeanor and engage with unions regarding complex issues and unpredictable dynamics
  • Strong experience in the administration and interpretation of Collective Bargaining Agreements utilizing a demonstrated forward-thinking approach while being challenged by dynamic, evolving and adverse conditions
  • Proven ability to serve as the Company advocate for all facets of grievance and arbitration management
  • Possess strong analytical skills and savvy strategic business thinking in a complex, multi-dimensional, innovative environment
  • Assertively represent management position and professionally respond to governmental agencies (e.g., EEOC, NLRB, etc.);

Client Support & Partnerships

  • Proven ability to establish and maintain professional relations with diverse client group(s) and businesses; provide support on all labor relations functions including counsel, education, influence, continuous improvement and trend analysis
  • Acute ability to identify root-cause issues, present risk factors and provide alternative recommendations to successfully support innovative workplace enhancements and business changes
  • Strong confident presence to creatively influence clients and endure through complex workplace matters and at times, adversarial conditions
  • Proven ability to collaborate with other HRDI functional team members through an immersive approach to assess key business drivers, organizational effectiveness and recommend integrated action plans. Provide credible LR expertise to advance HRDI and Operations business priorities.

Work Environment / Attributes & Skill Proficiencies

  • Thrives in a constantly evolving workplace of multi-dimensional issues and complex growth initiatives
  • Committed to being a positive influence and change agent to continually maximize and support a bi-coastal segment, team-driven department that thrives in delivering quality products, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Schooled in project management to deliver comprehensive and well-executed outcomes; progressively manage labor concepts and workplace matters to successfully resolve issues, differences and drive change in a thorough, progressive and creative manner
  • Confident, persuasive and impromptu ability to articulate perspective, influence and showcase effective verbal and written communication skills to peers and leaders
  • Strong organizational and time management skills to independently and simultaneously manage multiple priorities within in a high volume of work scope
  • Desire to thrive in a fast-paced, multi-tasking, deadline-driven environment that advocates and positively supports continual business maximization and change
  • Solid technical business/executive writing skills and experience to include writing bargaining proposals and contract language, preparing executive and post-arbitration briefs and responses to agency charges
  • Proficient in technology and use of case management systems, SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook and project management systems
  • Experience in delivering presentations and training, to include storytelling, facilitation and advocacy of labor topics and content
  • Embrace a powerful and creative culture that drives an acclaimed brand of products and services

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bilingual
  • Leadership Experience
  • Professional employment experience in hospitality/entertainment field with high standards and impeccable service delivery

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience

Preferred Education

MBA or JD degree