Labor Relations Administrator
Job Posted: 22 July, 2021
Company: City of Alexandria
Closing Date: 12 August, 2021
Location: Alexandria, VA


Appointed Position

The City Council of Alexandria, VA passed Ordinance 5336 relating to Collective Bargaining. In 2021, the City Council, taking advantage of a new state law which authorized collective bargaining, was the first jurisdiction in Virginia to adopt a collective bargaining ordinance. This included the requirement that the City Manager appoint a Labor Relations Administrator. The Labor Relations Administrator (LRA) is a City of Alexandria appointed position.  The LRA is appointed to this position for a term of four (4) years.  The City operates under the Council-Manager form of government, has some 3,000 employees and as an independent city operates both typical city and county services. 

The Labor Relations Administrator shall have the following responsibilities:

(1) hold and conduct elections for certification or decertification pursuant to the provisions of the ordinance and issue the certification or decertification or cause these actions to occur.

(2) request from the city or an employee organization, and the city or such organization shall provide, any relevant assistance, service, and data that shall enable the administrator to properly carry out duties under this article.

(3) hold hearings and make inquiries, administer oaths and affirmations, examine witnesses and documents, take testimony and receive evidence, and compel by issuance of subpoenas the attendance of witnesses and the production of relevant documents in proceedings within the responsibility of the administrator under this article.

(4) investigate and attempt to resolve or settle, as provided in City Code Section 2-5-80 - Mediation and Arbitration, charges of either the city or an employee organization engaging in prohibited practices as defined in the ordinance. However, if the city and a certified representative have negotiated a labor-management dispute resolution procedure, the administrator must defer to that procedure to resolve any dispute that properly may be submitted to the procedure, absent a showing that the deferral results in the application of principles contrary to Ordinance 5336. The administrator must defer to state procedures in any matter governed by the Law - Enforcement Officers’ or Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians' Bill of Rights set forth in the Virginia Code, or to any other such procedure dictated by state statute.

(5) determine unresolved issues of employee inclusion in or exclusion from the bargaining units permitted under the ordinance.

(6) obtain any necessary support services and make necessary expenditures in the performance of duties, subject to appropriation.

(7) determine any issue regarding the negotiability of any collective bargaining proposal.

(8) Exercise any other powers and perform any other duties and functions necessary for the proper administration of the Ordinance, attached. This shall include but not be limited to the development of the rules and procedures for requests for elections (Section 2-5-75); the development of the rules and procedures for the resolution of labor-management disputes, impasse, and arbitration (Section 2-5-80); and the development of the rules and procedures for prohibited practices (Section 2-5-82).

Qualifications for the Labor Relations Administrator

The administrator must be experienced as a neutral in the field of labor relations, and must not be a person who, because of vocation, employment, or affiliation, can be categorized as a representative of the interest of the city or any employee organization, including an exclusive bargaining agent for a bargaining unit permitted under the Collective Bargaining Ordinance.

To Apply:

Applications are being accepted through August 12, 2021, by 3:00 p.m. Please visit the City of Alexandria’s Request for Proposals (RFP) site and enter Number 986 at:

For information on the collective bargaining ordinance in Alexandria, please visit:


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