Director of Employee Relations
Job Posted: 6 April 2022
Company: Arlington Public Schools
Closing Date: Until Filled
Location: Arlington, VA


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GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES The Director of Labor Relations is responsible for the organization, supervision, administration, and management of all aspects of labor relations, including collective bargaining, formal negotiations, contract administration, master agreements, legal compliance, and employee appeals and grievances. Serves as Chief Negotiator and subject matter expert to legal, departments, managers, and executive leadership on labor relations issues. Administers provisions of labor and/or professional association negotiated agreements for the purpose of maintaining a fair and positive relationship with various labor unions and ensuring compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal regulations.

SUPERVISION The Director of Labor Relations receives general direction and reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer. This position may oversee the recruitment, screening, selection, assignment, supervision, and evaluation of personnel in assigned office. Provides guidance and assistance to full-, part-time, and/or hourly employees, as assigned.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is a single position classified to provides leadership in developing, achieving and maintaining high quality employee and labor relations programs, supports and services. This employee is a highly skilled negotiator, facilitator and collaborative partner who implements, articulates, and promotes the district’s policies, procedures, philosophy, goals, and objectives in employee/employer relations as well as the contractual roles, responsibilities, and accountability of all stakeholders in the employment arena. Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by its knowledge, skills, and ability to plan, implement, direct, and maintain the district's negotiations, labor relations and contract management including processing grievance.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE CLASS (May not include all duties performed.) Manages a range of labor relations and negotiations processes for the purpose of ensuring compliance with district, state and/or federal regulations. Serves as chief negotiator for the district and hearing officer for grievances processes for the purpose of representing the district’s interest in labor negotiations and/or resolving grievance issues. Prepare and lead negotiations, impasse resolution, and contract administration activities; research history and practices applied in contract negotiations and implementation; develop and oversee preparation of proposed and finalized contract language. Collaborates and provides assistance to administrators and managers regarding contract interpretation and evaluation of staff for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established practices and regulations. Interpret contract language, state code, and employment regulation to include the impact of legislation as it applies to employment and collective bargaining in public K-12 education. Serve as primary contact for the unions regarding contract implementation and administration; meet with union officials, District representatives and unit members to develop and maintain collaborative working relationships, discuss issues, and perform various actions related to employees and union contracts. Participates in the analysis of impending legislation and draft and recommend new and revised district policy language to assure legal compliance with legislation. Develops and implements processes and procedures to develop institutional knowledge regarding existing collective bargaining agreements; develops materials and provides training on collective bargaining agreements. Participates in meetings (e.g., Board meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, negotiations, hearings, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and gathering information regarding a wide variety of subjects required to carry out their administrative responsibilities. Responds to written and verbal inquiries from a variety of internal and external sources (e.g., staffing, conflicts in policies and regulations, community concerns, parental requests, etc.) for the purpose of identifying the relevant issues and recommending or implementing a remediation plan. Monitors personnel policies for the purpose of ensuring conformance to relevant agreements. Advises district-counsel, Chief Operating Officer and Superintendent on all labor relations matters regarding all labor relations matters that would impact the school system other than those contractually agreed upon.

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES Work is mainly sedentary and involves light physical effort. Work requires moving about to obtain work objects, distribute work objects, coordinate with others and perform related functions; operating office and communications equipment, such as a computer (at times for sustained periods) and a telephone; and reviewing all kinds of written documents containing small print, symbols and special notations.

HAZARDS/UNUSUAL DEMANDS Generally, work involves only exposure to normal, everyday risks.

Work hours will include irregular hours, evenings, and weekends to prepare for and participate in collective bargaining agreement negotiations activities and to attend a variety of meetings

MINIMUM EDUCATION, TRAINING, AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS Education Bachelor's degree in human resources management, conflict and alternative dispute resolution, public administration, labor law, organizational development, or another related field; required. A Master’s degree in one of the above-identified fields is preferred.

Experience Five (5) years of negotiating, implementing, interpreting and/or explaining collective bargaining agreements, investigating, and resolving grievances and employment/labor issues, conducting trainings, developing policies and procedures and preparing reports in a multi-union and/or professional association, public employment environment. Experience in K-12 public education is preferred. Any other combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates the candidate is likely to possess the skill, knowledge, ability, and trait characteristics essential for this classification may be considered.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES Knowledge regarding employee and labor relations, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Department of Labor (DOL) standards, Virginia General Assembly legislation and state and federal employment laws Knowledge of principles and best practices of employee and labor relations, collective bargaining, and employment laws Knowledge of Human Resources theories, practices, and techniques Knowledge of research methods and data analysis techniques Knowledge of school district organization and organizational relationships Knowledge of mediation and other dispute resolution systems and techniques Skilled in managing a dispute resolution program or grievance program Skilled in oral presentations and proficient written communication Skilled in managing multiple complex projects simultaneously Skilled in effective listening, presentation, group facilitation, influencing, and negotiation techniques Ability to analyze processes and challenges, identify opportunities for improvement, recommend and follow through on approved changes Ability to Build rapport and establish and maintain professional and collaborative working relationships with all contacts. Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, orientations, identities, and cultural backgrounds Ability to work independently with minimal supervision in a team-based environment Ability to handle confidential and sensitive matters

Position begins July 1, 2022

GUIDELINES Guidelines include but are not limited to all APS Policies and Policy Implementation Procedures (PIPs), Virginia Administrative Code (VAC), and federal, state, and local laws ordinances, and regulations concerning collective bargaining and unions.

CONTACTS Contacts include, but are not limited to, school-based and central-office administrators, and staff, union representatives, attorneys, jurisdictional and municipal government staff, elected officials to include the APS School Board.

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Salary range of $112,077.88 to $150,623.30 (2022-2023 Proposed Salary Schedule).