Executive Director 
Job Posted: 16 February 2024
Company: New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board
Closing Date: 29 April 2024
Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA


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Job Description

The Executive Director serves as the agency’s Chief Administrative Officer and Hearing Officer for the Board having overall responsibility for general administrative functions and fiscal matters. He or she plans, organizes, directs and reviews all budgetary and fiscal operations, assisted by an Executive Administrative Assistant and a contract Chief Financial Officer.

The Director recruits, recommends for hiring and trains the Executive Administrative Assistant, assigns, directs, monitors and evaluates work of the Administrative Assistant. The Director performs all those duties under the guidance, direction and general supervision of the Board. Factual investigation, legal research and legal decision writing concerning labor relations matters are performed in a manner consistent with the Board’s jurisdiction.

The Director, assisted by an Administrative Assistant, administers case flow to ensure cases are handled efficiently and expeditiously. He or she is responsible for scheduling Board hearings, conferring with parties to investigate and/or informally attempt to resolve unit determination cases, prohibited labor practice charges and other cases. Pursuant to the Board’s rules, the Executive Director also serves as Election Supervisor, arranging for, and supervising union representation elections.

The Director monitors legislative bills and testifies on behalf of Board before the legislature and serves as liaison with agency/department heads of other state agencies. The Director prepares and revises publications to provide comprehensive reference sources for practitioners before the Board, such as the Board’s Practice Manual, Key Word Digest, Case Summary and Annual Reports. He or she will be responsible for public and media relations unless otherwise directed by the Board. He or she conducts training sessions for practitioners on presenting unit determination cases and prohibited labor practice cases to the Board and participates actively in training sessions and conferences sponsored by regional and national organizations of impartial government labor relations agencies.


Experience in researching, writing and presenting cases involving public employee labor relations controversies. A law degree and public or private sector administrative or managerial experience strongly preferred.

The State of New Mexico is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications from women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged.