2015 October eBulletin

In this issue of LERA's eBulletin: October 2015

  • Read the October 2015 LER-LAW eNewsletter by Ann Hodges and Dillon Taylor
  • Submit Session & Paper Proposals by Nov. 15 for LERA 68th Annl. Mtg., May 2016
  • Register Now for LERA/ASSA Winter Meeting, Jan. 3-5, 2016, San Francisco, CA
  • Further Reading for LERA Members


  • Ann Hodges, editor, and Dillon Taylor, co-editor, invite you to read the October 2015 edition of the LER-LAW eNewsletterhere (link below). It contains review on federal contractors and misclassification, the recent NLRB decision in Browning-Ferris Industries, and a number of current supreme court cases impacting labor and employment law.
  • Register for the LERA/ASSA conference. The LERA/ASSA Program Committee invites you to register and attend all LERA sessions, including the Plenary featuring Betsey Stevenson, Univ. of Michigan, and Alan Krueger, Princeton Univ., immediately followed by the LERA Welcome Reception. You will find the complete program, and details for registration and housing here: http://www.leraweb.org/lera-assa-aea-meeting-jan-3-5-2016-san-francisco-ca.
  • The Program Committee for the LERA 68th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, May 26-29, 2016, reminds you to consider the session and paper proposals you would like to submit by November 15. This meeting will be an exciting event; be sure to participate. We will have electronic forms for proposals online soon, and will send you a note when they are live.

Further Reading for LERA Members:

  • Eileen Appelbaum, (Center for Economic Policy and Research) and past LERA president, has written extensively on the benefits of paid sick leave for employees, employers and the public. She’s quoted extensively in “How the Push for Paid Sick Days Became a National Movement in Just 10 Years,” an article posted online Sept. 16 online by Think Progress.
  • The New, New Economy: Peers Inc. is a new book about “sharing economy” or “gig economy” companies such as Uber and AirBNB by Zipcar founder Robin Chase. Read a Kirkus Review at the url following. LERA is looking for 2016 Perspectives on Work magazine features on the employment implications of these web- and iPhone based companies. If you have research or ideas on the subject, contact Perspectives managing editor Michael Lillich: [email protected]; (217) 898-1928.