2018 March 1 eBulletin

March 1, 2018

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Budd; Jacobs; Marvit; Blau; Bernstein; Carré, Tilly; Herbert

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In the News

John BuddJohn Budd (Minnesota) was quoted in Equal Times on gender-equal parental leave.

Ken JacobsKen Jacobs (UC-Berkeley) comments on what’s at stake in the Supreme Court’s consideration of the Janus v. ASCME case that would greatly weaken public-sector unions on the Feb. 26 Marketplace podcast.

Mosh MarvitMoshe Marvit (Century Foundation) opines in the New York Times about the constitutional implications of the Supreme Court’s potentially overturning “fair-share” dues for public-sector unions in the Janus case.  

Francine BlauFrancine Blau (Cornell) is quoted in a New York Times article, “Children hurt women’s wages, but not men’s,” that discusses the gender pay gap in Scandinavia. 

Jared BernsteinJared Bernstein (Center for Budget and Policy Priorities) in “Liberals Wanted Fiscal Stimulus, Conservatives Delivered it,” in The New York Times, says he hopes the fiscal stimuli of the tax cut and two-year budget is the right thing at the right time. 

Francoise CarreChris TillyFrançoise Carré (U. Mass.-Boston) and Chris Tilly (UCLA) have a new book, Where Bad Jobs Are Better: Retail Jobs Across Countries and Companies (Russell Sage).

Here’s an article about the book on the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs website: 
Bill HerbertBill Herbert (Hunter College, City University of New York) announced on the LERA-D listserv the online publication (with links to the articles) of The Journal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy, Volume 9.            

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