2018 June 1 eBulletin

June 1, 2018

LERA eBulletin

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Cappelli; Autor; Blau, Kahn; Benson; Weller

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In the News

Peter CappelliPeter Cappelli (Wharton) participated in the school’s Iron Prof presentation competition. He explore how students pay for college affects how hard they study.

David AutorDavid Autor (MIT) was one of four professors who received the school’s 2018 most-prestigious undergraduate teaching award.

Francine BlauLawrence KahnThe New York Times cited Francine Blau (Cornell) and Lawrence Kahn’s (Cornell) working paper in an article, “Americans may no longer prefer sons over daughters.”
Alan BensonAlan Benson (Minnesota) has new research out. Read “This is why your boss is terrible” in Money magazine.


Benson’s research was also covered on NPR’s Morning Edition.
Christian WellerChristian Weller (U-Mass Boston) was featured on a retirement segment on PBS’s Nightly Business Report.

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