LERA/AILR Paper Competition Submission Form

DEADLINE: January 15

David Lewin and Paul J. Gollan, editors of AILR

David Lewin and Paul. J. Gollan, editors of Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations (AILR), published by Emerald, have announced a January 15 deadline for the submission of abstract/paper proposals for the Annual LERA/AILR Papers Competition. Abstract type proposals should be no longer than 3 pages.

Winning papers will be presented in a joint symposium at the LERA Annual Meeting. Accepted papers must be submitted in complete form by mid-April. Winning entries will be expeditiously refereed for publication in AILR. Papers may deal with any IR topic and can be up to 50 pages in length (inclusive).

Further information on submission is available from AILR Editors David Lewin or Paul J. Gollan.

Link to submission form: https://lera.memberclicks.net/ailr-paper-submission