LERA conducts annual elections for its officers and and members of the Executive Board. Terms begin and end in June, in conjunction with the LERA Annual Meetings. LERA accepts nominations from LERA members continuously; you can submit your nominations for candidates here: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/4537637

LERA Officers 2023-24

Dennis Dabney, President, Dabney Law LLC
Jim Pruitt, President-elect, Kaiser Permanente
Paul Clark, Past-President, Pennsylvania State University 
Andrew Weaver, Secretary-Treasurer (non-voting), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
William Canak, NCAC Chair (non-voting), Middle Tennessee State University (ret.)
J. Ryan Lamare, Editor-in-Chief (non-voting), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Members of LERA Executive Board (3-year term)

Peter Berg (2021-2024), Michigan State University
Sharon Block (2023-2026), Harvard Law
Andrea Cáceres (2023-2026), SHARE/AFSCME
Julie Farb (2022-2025), AFL-CIO
Eliza Forsythe (2023-2026), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ruben Garcia (2023-2026), University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Janet Gillman (2021-2024), Oregon Employment Relations Board
John Johnson (2023-2026), Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Glenard Middleton (2022-2025), AFSCME MD Council 67
Deborah Moore-Carter (2022-2025), City of Baltimore
Deborah Mueller (2021-2024), CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME
Dionne Pohler (2022-2025), University of Saskatchewan
Christine Riordan (2021-2024), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Sean Rogers (2022-2025), University of Rhode Island
Christy Yoshitomi (2022-2025), Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Regional Vice Presidents and Members of the LERA Executive Board (3-year term)

Jim Pruitt (2017-24), Kaiser Permanente (West Region)
Beverly Harrison (2020-2026), Arbitrator/Mediator (East Region)
Robert Chiaravalli (2019-2025), Strategic Labor and HR LLC (Mid Region)

DCDC Chair and Member of the LERA Executive Board (3-year term)

Marc Weinstein (2021-2024), Florida International University

LERA Committee Chairs (appointed)

  • Development Committee Co-Chairs – Jim Pruitt, Kaiser Permanente and Harry Katz, Cornell University
  • Membership Committee Co-Chairs – David Lewin, UCLA and Tazewell Hurst, IAMAW
  • Award Committee Co-Chairs – Janice Bellace, University of Pennsylvania and Rosemary Batt, Cornell University
  • Nominating Committee Chair – Eileen Appelbaum, Center for Economic and Policy Research
  • LERA Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair – Jim Pruitt, Kaiser Permanente
  • LERA@ASSA Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs – Brad Hershbein, W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and Elena Falcettoni, Federal Reserve Board

Past LERA Presidents

William E. Spriggs, 2023*
Paul Clark, 2022-23
Wilma Liebman, 2021-22
Adrienne Eaton, 2020-21
Dennis Dabney, 2019-20
Kris Rondeau, 2018-19
Harry Katz, 2017-18

Janice Bellace, 2016-17

Bonnie Prouty Castrey, 2015-16
Martin Mulloy, 2014-15
Lisa Lynch, 2013-14
David Lewin, 2012-13
Gordon Pavy, 2011
Eileen Appelbaum, 2010
Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, 2009
Anthony Oliver Jr., 2008
Eileen B. Hoffman, 2007
David Lipsky, 2006
Stephen Sleigh, 2005
Marlene K. Heyser, 2004
Paula Voos, 2003
John F. Burton Jr., 2002
Magdalena Jacobsen, 2001
Sheldon Friedman, 2000
Thomas A. Kochan, 1999
F. Donal O'Brien, 1998
Francine Blau, 1997
Hoyt T. Wheeler, 1996
Walter Gershenfeld, 1995
Lynn R. Williams, 1994
George Strauss, 1993
Ernest J. Savoie, 1992
James L. Stern, 1991
Robert B. McKersie, 1990
Joyce Miller, 1989
Phyllis A. Wallace, 1988
Michael H. Moskow, 1987
Lloyd Ulman, 1986
Everett Kassalow, 1985
Wayne L. Horvitz, 1984
Jack Stieber, 1983
Milton Derber, 1982
Rudolph A. Oswald, 1981
Jack Barbash, 1980
Jerome M. Rosow, 1979
Charles C. Killingsworth, 1978
F. Ray Marshall, 1977
Irving Bernstein, 1976
Nat Goldfinger, 1974
Douglas H. Soutar, 1973
Benjamin Aaron, 1972
Georg Hildebrand, 1971
Douglass V. Brown, 1970
Frederick Harbison, 1969
George Shultz, 1968
Neil W. Chamberlain, 1967
Arthur Ross, 1966
Edwin Young, 1965
Solomon Barkin, 1964
William F. Whyte, 1963
Charles Myers, 1962
John Dunlop, 1960

*Deceased in office. Dennis Dabney appointed to complete remaining term through June 2024.


Ryan Lamare, University of Illinois, 2020−
Ariel Avgar, University of Illinois, 20152019
Françoise Carré and Christian Weller, University of Massachusetts Boston. 2010-2014
Adrienne E. Eaton, Rutgers University, 2003−2009
Paula B. Voos, Rutgers University, 1995−2002
John F. Burton, Jr., Rutgers University, 1990−1994
Barbara Dennis, University of Wisconsin, 1977−1989
Barbara Dennis and James Stern, University of Wisconsin, 1974−1977
Gerald G. Somers, University of Wisconsin, 1957−1974
L. Reed Tripp, University of Wisconsin, 1951−1956
Milton Derber, University of Illinois, 1948−1950


Andrew Weaver, University of Illinois, 2020
Ryan Lamare, University of Illinois, 2018-2019
Craig Olsen, University of Illinois, 20152017
Peter Feuille, University of Illinois, 2000−2014
David R. Zimmerman, University of Wisconsin, 19772000
Richard U. Miller, University of Wisconsin, 19731977
James L. Stern, University of Wisconsin, 19681969
David B. Johnson, University of Wisconsin, 19631972
Edwin Young, University of Wisconsin, 19541962
Robben W. Fleming, University of Wisconsin, 19511953
William H. McPherson, University of Wisconsin, 19481950