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LERA eBulletin

The LERA eBulletin is a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to LERA members. It provides information about LERA members in the news, current LERA calls and deadline, LERA Chapter Events, and other current events of interest in the field of labor and employment relations.

LERA Labor and Employment Law Newsletter (LEL News)

Staying informed about labor and employment law challenges most professionals. Building on the strong history of informative newsletters from Ellen Dannin and the work of the Labor and Employment Law Interest Section, Editor Ann Hodges, University of Richmond bring important news and trends to labor law. Using original articles and links to a variety of points of views, Ann identifies the issues you need for your work, study, and research.

Perspectives on Work Magazine

Perspectives on Work brings various workplace viewpoints into one place. Think of this as the "Cliff's Notes" for the large issues effecting LER. We may not agree on answers, we can facilitate civil discourse on how big trends impact everyone in very different ways. The magazine is distributed in print in the Fall to all current LERA members and library subscribers. Additional copies may be purchased by emailing [email protected] ($25 each or classroom packs for $12 each, with a minimum of 10 copies).

Proceedings of the LERA Meetings

The Proceedings of the LERA Meetings records papers and presentations at each year's meetings. Members may view and search all issues of the Proceedings (1947 onward) online, or you may order print versions of the 2009 through current Proceedings through our print-on-demand partner Curran Associates. Since 2008, LERA started publishing the Proceedings only in an electronic format.

LERA Research Volume

Scholars and practitioners contribute to the annual Research Volume to produce a prestigious collection of essays and articles for members of the labor and employment relations fields. Members may view and search all back issues of the Research Volume (1954 onward) online, or you may order print versions of the Research Volume through our partner Cornell University Press. Find details on current and past titles and how to purchase copies.