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Technology opens many new and exciting ways for staying up-to-date on research and news. We continue to make information available in many formats, but meetings always make for the most dynamic networking opportunities. LERA and our local chapters both put together amazing events and conferences with experts on regional, national, international labor and employment relations issues. Each event has its own flavor and unique offerings; those who attend stay connected with thought-leaders, top practitioners, and policy-makers.

LERA Annual Meetings - June LERA@ASSA Meetings - January
(in conjunction with ASSA/AEA)
LERA's Annual Meeting in June links research to best practices by building programs mixing multiple perspectives: research, policy, and practice. This conference has 6 concurrent sessions over a 4-day period (with a pre-conference day), and features around 80 various workshops, symposia, professional development and skill-building opportunities, CLE and MCLE credits, consortiums, and more; there is a lot of something for everyone in labor, management, neutral or academic perspectives. Your registration fee will include most, if not all, meals and hospitality events. The LERA Board, committees, Industry Councils, Interest Sections and University Council on Industrial Relations and Human Resource Programs (UCIRHRP) all meet here. The LERA@ASSA happens in early January each year in conjunction with Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA)/American Economics Association (AEA) annual meeting. LERA has a strong tradition dating back to 1947 of meeting in conjunction with the American Economic Association, and we continue to hold a robust program of 18 individual sessions that focus on the economics of labor and employment relations and cutting-edge research. This meeting is not to be missed for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve on labor economics and leading research in the field surrounding labor and employment relations issues.


alt Triad 2024 NYCLERA 76th Annual Meeting ILERA 20th Triennial World Congress 

FMCS 2024 National Labor-Management Conference (These three organizations are meeting conterminously.)

June 26-30, 2024 • New York, NY • Hilton Midtown Manhattan


LERA 77th Annual Meeting (June 10-15, 2025) • Seattle, WA - Westin Seattle



alt San Francisco, CA • January 3-5, 2025 (Fri, Sat, Sun)


  • January 3-5, 2026 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)

  • Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

  • January 3-5, 2027 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)
    Washington, DC - Marriott Marquis

  • January 7-9, 2028 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
    Atlanta, GA -  Atlanta Marriott Marquis

  • January 5-7, 2029 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
    San Diego, CA - San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina


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Find out what is happening throughout the network of LERA Communities, including local LERA chapters, LERA Interest Sections, and LERA Industry Councils.

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