Call for Posters - LERA Best Poster Session

Call for Poster Proposals for LERA Best Posters
Organization: Labor and Employment Relations Association
Deadline: November 15, 2021

Poster Abstract Submission Form

The LERA Annual Meeting will feature the Annual LERA Best Poster Session. This session attracts a wide audience and encourages feedback on work in progress or recently completed. Abstracts on topics of interest to the membership are posted and may be distributed but are not orally presented. Authors are present to discuss.

The LERA Poster sessions are a mix of both student and faculty research presentations meant to preview research ideas or paper drafts, or feature newly completed papers. The informal session allows meeting attendees to circulate through the poster presentation aisles and discuss the presentations with presenters. They are meant to stimulate discussion and questions and provide researchers with feedback.

Members interested in participating in the LERA Poster Session should submit 250-word abstract no later than November 15, to the Poster Session Chair Hye Jin Rho, Michigan State University, using the form on this webpage.