LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award

LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award


The LERA Awards Committee has issued a call for nominations for the LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award to recognize practitioner contributions to employment relations practice. Subject to the receipt of appropriate nominations, one or more awards will be made for the year. The LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award is to recognize a practitioner’s unique contribution to labor and employment relations practice. This best practitioner award is made to a distinguished practitioner for contributions to the industrial relations profession over her/his career, consistent with the values and the mission of the LERA.

Letters of nomination accompanied by vitas or substantial accounts of the accomplishments of the nominee should to be submitted no later than January 15. Award winners will be notified in the Spring and be recognized at the LERA Annual Meeting.


Bill Dwyer
Bill Dwyer
Rutgers University


Sheldon Friedman

 *We changed how our awards are dated - they will now be dated the year in which the award is presented. This change makes it look as though no awards were given in 2016

Allison Beck


2014, Dennis Dabney, Kaiser Permanente

2013, Charles Whalen, Congressional Budget Office

2012, Tia Denenberg, Workplace Solutions

2011, Stephen A. Wandner, Urban Institute

2010, James Bialke, National Nurses United

2009, Thomas J. Schneider, Restructuring Associates

2008, Jeffrey Sack, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP

2006, Linda Ewing, United Auto Workers and Arthur Schwartz, General Motors

2005, Christian Weller, Center for American Progress

2003, John Amman, IATSE Local 600, International Cinematographers Guild

2001, Donna Wilson-Renner, Tennessee Valley Authority

2000, Phillip Neuenfeldt, Wisconsin AFL-CIO

1999, Amy Dean, South Bay AFL-CIO