Susan C. Eaton Scholar-Practitioner Grant

Susan C. Eaton Scholar-Practitioner Grant

DEADLINE: January 15

The Awards Committee for the Susan C. Eaton Scholar-Practitioner Memorial Fund has issued a call for proposals for a $3,000 grant to be awarded at the LERA Annual Meeting to a scholar researcher doing new or on-going research (including dissertation research) in the labor and employment relations or related field. Only LERA members are eligible to submit a proposal for the Committee to consider. This grant is only awarded every other year.

To become a member, click here. To learn more on her work, read an article by Susan C. Eaton (PDF).

The first grant award was made to the best proposal from an individual or team in the scholarly research area in January 2006. In 2007, it was awarded to the best proposal received from a practitioner engaged in an action research project in the labor and employment relations or related field. The Award follows an alternate-year pattern in order to recognize promising work from both the scholarly and practice sides of the labor and employment relations and related fields.

The Award will be granted annually to the most promising and relevant proposal for research or research-in-action consistent with the values and principles of the work of Susan C. Eaton and that best honors her legacy as an outstanding scholar-practitioner. This includes dissertation research, post graduate and other research projects, and/or research-related projects being done by practitioners in the fields, or research-in-action.

Submission: LERA members are invited to submit their (1) proposal and (2) letter of support by January 15.

1. A 1-2 page proposal outlining a research project is required for the Committee's consideration. The outline should include:

  • a description of the project and why it is important,
  • anticipated or possible findings or outcomes,
  • and a project timetable.

2. A letter of support from at least one faculty or sponsor is also required. Have your faculty or sponsor email your letter of support to [email protected] or upload it along with your submission. (See 'Submit Proposal' below.)

Awards: The awardee or team will be recognized at the LERA Annual Meeting and will receive a check for $3,000 at that time for their project. They agree to provide a brief 1-2 page report of the project upon its completion for publication.


Past Winners:

2023 Carla Cecilia Lima Aranzaes, Michigan State University
Adam Schoenbachler, Vanderbilt University
2022 Jasmine PlattBoise State University
Ron Schatz, Wesleyan University
2020 Christine Riordan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hye Jin Rho, Michigan State University
2018 Rebecca Givan, Rutgers and Chris Brooks, Labor Notes
2017 Kyle Albert, Cornell University
*We changed how our awards are dated - they will now be dated the
year in which the award is presented.
This change makes it look as though no awards were given in 2016, this grant is now awarded every other year.
2015 David Weil, Boston University
2014 Harry Katz, Cornell University
2013 Tashlin Lakhani, Ohio State University
Todd Dickey, Cornell University
2012 Rachel Aleks, University of Toronto
Yuanyuan Sun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Honorable Mention)
2011 Ariel Avgar, University of Illinois
Monica Bielski Boris, University of Illinois
Robert Bruno, University of Illinois
Maite Tapia, Cornell University
2009 Daniel Cornfield,Vanderbilt University
2007 Samuel Kleiner, Carnegie Mellon University
2006 Shaun Giese, University of Nebraska
2005 Carol Zabin, University of California-Berkeley
Patrice Mareschal, Rutgers University-Camden