LERA@ASSA 2022-recordings

LERA@ASSA 2022 Session Recordings

1.1  Collective Bargaining, Wages, and Inequality


1.2  LERA Best Papers I: Gender and Pay


2.1  LERA Best Papers II: Job Quality


2.2  Older Workers and Retirement: Part 1


3.1  Adjustment and Resilience to Economic Shocks


3.2  LERA Best Papers III: Minimum Wage


4.1  LERA Best Papers IV: Policy Choices


4.2  Racial Labor Market Disparities: Automation, Entrepreneurship, Non-Standard Work, and the Pandemic Employment Crisis


5.1  LERA Best Papers V: Referrals and Hiring Policy


5.2  LERA/IAFFE Joint Session: Diversity in the Labor Market


6.1  Exposure to Immigrants and Attitudes in the United States


6.2  Older Workers and Retirement: Part 2


7.1  LERA Best Papers VI: Unions and Firm Concentration


7.2  Occupational Licensing in Specialized Labor Markets


8.1  Job Quality for Equity and Inclusion


8.2  Workshare to the Rescue: Using Flexible Employment Strategies to Counter Economic Crises


9.1  LERA Best Papers VII: Wages and Productivity


9.2  Occupational Decisions, Work Policies, and Labor Market Outcomes