2024 LERA@ASSA Call for Proposals

Call for Symposium and Paper Proposals: LERA@ASSA 2024, San Antonio, TX

Posted: January 9, 2023
Organization: Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA)
Submission Deadline: March 15, 2023
Submission Forms: Click Here

Labor and Employment Relations Association

Call for Symposium and Paper Proposals
 2024 • San Antonio, TX • January 5-7, 2024 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

in conjunction with ASSA/AEA

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FOR PAPER AUTHORS -- You will have the best chance of getting accepted to the program if you organize a complete session proposal (4 papers, Chair, Discussants, etc.).

To help you organize a session that includes your own paper, we have created a tool to let you share your abstracts/research/papers, and then browse all the submissions to find other papers that complement your own. (And other members can see yours.)

You can then contact other paper authors and band together to organize and submit a cohesive session proposal to the committee by March 15, 2023.

To share your abstract or paper, use the:
Abstract Share for LERA@ASSA

To review all shared abstracts/papers, use the:
Review Portal

*** Using these tools above DOES NOT submit your paper to the program committee. For that, you will need to use the "proposal form for symposia and papers" at the bottom of this page! ***


The LERA Program Committee seeks proposals offering original and high-quality research on employment and labor relations topics for its January meeting held in conjunction with the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA). We welcome proposals on a broad range of issues, such as wages and inequality, labor market regulation, social insurance, economic justice, technology and work organization, workplace benefits (e.g. retirement and health insurance), and work-life balance, as well as topics of current interest or related more generally to the mission of LERA.

Proposed sessions should include a total of 7 participants with either 1 chair, 3 presenters, and 3 discussants OR 1 chair, 4 presenters, and 2 discussants. The Committee also accepts individual paper proposals, although preference is given to session submissions.

To give the program committee an understanding of the proposed panel, we request that symposia organizers provide:

  • Symposium title
  • Brief abstract describing overall theme of the session
  • Listing of session participants, their affiliations, their role in the session, and their email addresses
  • Paper titles and brief paper abstracts for all papers to be presented in the session

Membership Requirement: In order to present a paper at a LERA session, presenters must be current in their LERA membership. (Join LERA http://www.LERAweb.org/join-lera.)

Post-conference publication opportunities:

  • Presenters in LERA@ASSA can choose to submit their papers to a competition held jointly with the ILR Review. The LERA Program Committee will select up to three of the submitted papers to receive a guaranteed review by referees selected by the ILR Review. Completed papers must be submitted by January 19, 2024. Papers are eligible for consideration if based on an accepted LERA paper presented at the 2024 meeting.

  • Papers presented at the LERA@ASSA Meeting will be invited to be published in the LERA Proceedings. Visit the LERA website for complete information about our Proceedings and submission requirements.

We encourage a balance of gender, racial, institutional, geographic, and generational diversity among proposed session participants.

Program Committee - LERA@ASSA 2024 Meeting (in conjunction with ASSA/AEA)

  • Brad Hershbein, Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Co-Chair (2022-2024)
  • Elena Falcettoni, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, Co-Chair (2023-2025)
  • Nick Bunker, Indeed Hiring Lab (2022-2025)
  • Kirsten Cornelson, University of Notre Dame (2022-2025)
  • Robynn Joyce Afi Cox, University of Southern California (2022-2025)
  • Paola Giuliano, UCLA (2022-2025)
  • Colleen Manchester, University of Minnesota (2022-2025)
  • Conrad Miller, Berkeley (2022-2025)
  • Peter Norlander, Loyola University Chicago (2022-2025)
  • Stephanie Rennane, RAND (2022-2025)
  • Pascual Restrepo Mesa, Boston University (2022-2025)
  • Danielle Sandler, U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies (2022-2025)
  • Brian Sloboda, U.S. Department of Labor/SIU (2022-2025)
  • Russell Weinstein, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2022-2025)
  • Tingting Zhang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2022-2025)

Due Date: March 15, 2023
Proposal Submission Forms for Symposia and Papers