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The LERA Perspectives on Work magazine is available electronically to current LERA members and library subscribers in its entirety in the LERA Library. The magazine is also distributed in print in the Fall to all current LERA members and library subscribers. Additional print copies may be purchased by emailing [email protected] ($25 each or classroom packs for $12 each, with a minimum of 10 copies).

Table of Contents

*Open access articles

*Cover 1 & 2

Table of Contents

*Reflections: Origins and value of the IRRA by F. Ray Marshall

Office futures by Peter Cappelli

*Lean manufacturing goes big and global by Thomas Janoski, Darina Lepadatu

*Why workplace scholars and enforcers should be in conversation by Terri Gerstein

Enforcing international labor standards after Myanmar’s coup by Richard D. Fincher

America keeps its elders working and poor by Teresa Ghilarducci, Brenden Botelho

Reimagining college athletes as employees by Michael H. LeRoy

Organizing and the college athlete by Mark Gaston Pearce, Daphne Assimakopoulos

A transformational moment? by Wilma Liebman, Thomas A. Kochan

*The marijuana dilemma by Lisa Charles

Trends not improving for Black workers by William E. Spriggs

Reimagining workplace democracy by Paul F. Clark, Peter Lazes, Zachary D. Zobrist

Labor relations professionals as peacemakers by Robert Chiaravalli

Better jobs for all through place-based policies by Timothy J. Bartik

*Unemployment insurance versus short-time work by Giulia Giupponi, Camille Landais, Alice Lapeyre

*LERA 74th Annual Meeting by Mike Lillich

*Interest Section update by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

*Local chapter update by Bill Canak, Bonnie Castrey

*LERA 2022 Awards

*[email protected] 2022 by Mike Lillich

*Thank you to our 2021-2022 sponsors and contributors

*Presidential interview: The state of unionism today by Wilma Liebman

*Books of Note

The Future We Need by Erica Smiley, Sarita Gupta, reviewer Rachel M.B. Atkins

The Right to Strike in International Law by Jeffrey Vogt, Janice Bellace,  Lance Compa et al., reviewer James Brudney

Work and Labor Relations in the Construction Industry by Dale Belman et al., reviewer Mark Erlich

Shaping the Future of Work by Thomas A. Kochan, Lee Dyer, reviewer Tingting Zhang

*Precarious Asia by Arne L. Kalleberg et al., reviewer Ofronama Biu

*Lactation at Work by Elizabeth Hoffmann, reviewer Janine Braxton

*LERA Member Benefits

*LERA Research Volume 2022: A Racial Reckoning in Industrial Relations: Storytelling as Revolution from Within T. L. Lee, S. Davis-Faulkner, N. R Williams, M. Tapia, editors

*Cover 3 & 4