Disintegrating Democracy at Work


By: Virginia Doellgast

272 pp
978 0 8014 5047 1


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The shift from manufacturing- to service-based economies has often been accompanied by the expansion of low-wage and insecure employment. Many consider the effects of this shift inevitable. In Disintegrating Democracy at Work, Virginia Doellgast contends that high pay and good working conditions are possible even for marginal service jobs. This outcome, however, depends on strong unions and encompassing collective bargaining institutions, which are necessary to give workers a voice in the decisions that affect the design of their jobs and the distribution of productivity gains.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Changes in Markets and Collective Bargaining
3. Using Power in the Workplace
4. Losing Power in the Networked Firm
5. Broadening the Comparison
6. Conclusions

Appendix A: Interviews conducted in the United States and Germany
Appendix B: Organizational characteristics and employment practices by country, in-house and outsourced centers
Appendix C: Organizational characteristics and employment practices by collective bargaining arrangements, United States and Germany