LERA Chapter Websites have been upgraded! This re-design offers 1) a fresh, clean look, 2) new administrative tools to better meet the needs of busy chapter officers, 3) convenience for members with a smart phone format and online forms/payments.

  • At a minimum, LERA displays up-to-date contact information for your chapter and promotes your chapter's events.
  • Additionally, each Chapter may host their own complete website at no cost to the Chapter, other than the time it takes to learn to use the software.

If you are interested in learning more about potential efficiencies available to you, LERA staff is happy to help. Please email us to request your login credentials if you don't have them. We are happy to give you a personal web tour, and training to utilize and update your Chapter Website. Your LERA chapter website is a tool that will automate many of the routine tasks so you can focus on what is the most important and valuable work: designing your programs, serving your members, and creating space for constructive dialog on workplace issues.

(But, I'm hopeless with technology, you say? Never fear; send us your updates, content, and events; we will assist if at all possible. We are all in this together, and members will be pleased when they can locate accurate information online when they need it.)

LERA Chapter Websites

  • Take online credit card payments and deposit them in your bank account
  • Establish rolling, 365-day memberships, with multiple member levels
    (regular, student, organization, apprentice, retired, etc.)
  • Manage events and bookings online
  • Automate confirmation emails, reminder messages, and invoices
  • Report and track who has or hasn't paid (either by check or credit card) in one place in real time, available to all officers
  • Automatically generate online membership directory, member profile pages, and membership cards (private content)
  • Create other types of private content, available only to members
  • Set and offer discount codes
  • Run an online store
  • Manage your list, emails, and e-newsletter communications (can be in-house, or interface with Constant Contact or MailChimp)
  • Easily manage web content and news
  • Are completely mobile (access all forms and content, both front-end and back-end from any hand-held device or smart phone)

Video Tutorials

Remember to always use caution if you are changing settings, and please email Emily Smith at [email protected] or phone her at 217-244-5419 if you have questions. "With great power, comes great responsibility."

All LERA website hosting video tutorials are on the LERA YouTube Channel here:

Or, you can access them individually with these links:

  • Login to WordPress as an Administrator

  • Front End Website Tour

    Front end tour of a LERA Chapter website for LERA chapter officers and website administrators. Includes brief discussion of static vs. dynamic webpages. About, Contact, Officers are "static pages" and Membership, Coming Events, Past Events, Directory, News are "dynamic pages".

  • Back End (Dashboard) Website Tour

    This video tutorial discusses how to switch between the front end and the back end of your website, and some major pieces of the website dashboard including posts, pages, events, membership, and email communications.

  • Logged In Member Experience of a LERA Chapter Website
    This video demonstrates the website experience for logged in chapter members. They can see and download their paid membership invoices, change their password, upload a photo, edit their member directory information, and more.

  • Optimization Across All Environments
    The LERA Chapter websites have been designed with an eye towards optimizing their performance across all environments (PC, tablet, or mobile devices). If you are a content creator, please keep your designs simple, and adhere to the predetermined text styles (like Header 1, Header 2, paragraph styles), then your content will be readily accessible.

  • Create or Duplicate an Event

    Video covers how to create and modify an event for your LERA Chapter website, set ticket prices, and automate confirmation emails.

  • Create a post (and posts appear under NEWS on your site)
    This video covers how creating posts on the back-end will create your news feed on the front end.

  • Membership management
    • Membership Automation and Member Order Management
      Membership orders, marking payments received by check, downloading membership order information

    • Set member levels and pricing

    • Add New Members or Update Existing Members:

    • When you have need to add a single member at a time through your dashboard:

      1. Click on “Memberships” on the left in your dashboard.
      2. Under Memberships several links will appear on the left, click on “Add Member”.
      3. Fill out the “Add Member” form fields that will appear on the right.
      4. Username should be the first part of someone’s email address, or do the best you can (I’ve seen some that are too short for that; sometimes I’ll repeat text in that instance)
      5. Leave password blank and check the box for send the password to the new user by email.
      6. Role should be subscriber for most (and possibly Administrator for you chapter officers)
      7. Set Expiration date.
    • Download member information to CSV (comma separated values, can be opened by Excel)

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