LERA brings together members from every workplace constituency-union leaders and members, top management and supervisors, attorneys, government officials, arbitrators, mediators, consultants, educators, and researchers-to encourage research, promote the exchange of ideas, and support fundamental workplace rights with the conviction that the free exchange of ideas, however controversial, best serves the interests of labor, management, and the general public. Join with our professional community and add your voice to the dialogue shaping the workplace of the future.

Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteer or leadership opportunities with LERA Communities or Committees?
SIGNUP or request more information, and we will forward your interest and contact information.

LERA Committees

Govern the Association and its many services and programs. LERA accepts volunteers to staff committees year-round, and volunteers names will be given to Committee Chairs when vacancies occur.

Interest Sections

Network, present your work, and discuss specific areas of professional or scholarly interest.

**We are currently accepting readers from LERA Interest Sections for our annual blind LERA Competitive Papers. If you would like to read for your section, please let us know. We will forward your interest to the Conveners of your section. We would ask that you read between 1 and 3 papers, max. 30 pp. in length ea., in February. You would have a few weeks to review the paper(s) and submit your ratings.

Industry Councils

Share best practices, meet people from all viewpoints in your industry, learn about current challenges and 'what's next', on an industry-by-industry basis.

Local LERA Chapters

Network regionally with various types of events and meetings; there may be an additional chapter fee.

LERA Online Communities

Is social networking for you? LERA has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn Group, and several email based Listservs for your online networking pleasure. We post pictures from LERA meetings on the LERA Facebook page, so login and tag yourself!