Call for Papers: DCDC Best Student Papers
Organization: DCDC (formerly UCIRHRP)
January 15

DCDC (formerly UCIRHRP) is sponsoring a student paper competition at the LERA Annual Meeting. New developments in employment relations, organizational behavior, and social movements call for a closer look at emergent processes, outcomes and organizational forms. The motivation for this special call for papers is to reflect the diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches to researching emergent phenomena in the field. Examples include, but are by no means restricted to new forms of labor market institutions; diversity in organizations; social movements; and international/transnational actors and organizations. A monetary award of $300 will be given to the author of the top paper chosen. Papers should be submitted by January 15. Only completed papers, not abstracts or letters of intent, may be considered. All paper submissions must comply with the following submission criteria:

  • To be considered for this competition, the lead author must be a student. Papers must reflect original work or major developments on previously reported work. Papers are not eligible if they have been presented at LERA or other professional meetings in the past or have or will be published prior to the meeting.
  • Papers are limited to 20 double-spaced pages doubled spaced and in a 12-pt font (converted to a PDF file), including footnotes, tables and bibliographies.
  • Papers must include a title, abstract (up to 200 words) and preferred keywords.

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