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Your subscription to the LERA Series publications will include:
  • Current issues/volumes of the publications we produce this year will be mailed directly to you
  • Online searchable access to all of LERA's archived publications dating back to 1947
  • The URL is gated by IP address, so no need to distribute usernames/passwords
  • Library-wide license to access all of our online archives




Proceedings of the Annual Meeting
(printed through 2008 - electronic thereafter)
1 iss./year Sep or Oct *Print on-demand Yes, PDF online
Research Volume 1 iss./year Sep or Oct Yes Yes, PDF online
Perspectives on Work 1 iss./year Sep or Oct Yes Yes, PDF online
Labor and Employment Law News 4 iss./year quarterly No Yes, PDF online
Employment Policy Research Network
(EPRN online blog can be found at
online format
all year
No Yes, HTML online


*Print On-demand

Rates and Refunds

This Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, beginning in 2009,
can be printed as a bound book on-demand for an additional fee of $95. You can find more information and place your order here: http://www.proceedings.com/5852.html.

The "LERA Series" Print + Electronic Library Subscription
costs $300 annually, with an additional postage charge of
$20 for international shipping ($250 1 yr/online only subscription).
We do not refund subscriptions.

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Your LERA Series "Print + Electronic" Subscription includes
license to print the PDF version (where available) of any LERA publications for your collection.  We have designed our PDF publications to print on 8.5" X 11" paper for your convenience.
Your LERA Series "Print + Electronic" subscription includes library-wide license. All computers that you supply an IP address for will have access to the LERA publication online archives containing publications from 1947 to present.
The URL to access LERA for Libraries is gated; the general public cannot access it.

Online Access

Contact LERA

To gain access to LERA for Libraries for all of your libraries'
computers please submit your IP address range to
[email protected] and we can set up seamless
access for you.  No password necessary!

Labor and Employment Relations Association  
504 East Armory Avenue, Room 121  
Champaign, IL 61820  
[email protected]
(217) 333-0072 


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