How can I search a page using my internet browser?

If you would like to find specific information on any page you are browsing on the internet, you can do so.  In general, using your browser's find feature is as follows:
  • PC users: Press the Control key + F, type a word, and then press "Find Next."
  • Mac users: Press the Apple key + F, type a word, and then press the Enter key.

That didn't work? Which browser are you using? For browser specific directions, see below.

Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Chrome | Safari

Internet Explorer (IE)

1. Open Internet Explorer, and do step 2 or 3 below for what you would like to do.
2. Press the CTRL+F keys, and go to step 4 below.
3. Click on Edit, on the Menu bar, click on Find on this Page, and go to step 4 below.
4. Do steps 5, 6, and/or 7 below.
5. To Search and Find Text on this Page

A) Type in the text that you want to find on the page.
NOTE: As you type it in, you will see at the right end how many matches you have for that text.

B) Click on the Options button to select (check) the options you want to use to search for the text.

C) Click on Previous and Next to scroll through the matches on the page.
NOTE: As you scroll through the matches the text will be highlighted for that match.

6. To Highlight All Matches

A) Click on the highlighter marker button to the left of the Options button. (See screenshot above)
NOTE: If the button is highlighted, then all matches will be highlighted as well.

7. To Close the Find Bar

A) Click on the X to the far left of the Find Bar. (See screenshot below step 5C)

Mozilla Firefox

Using the Find bar

To start searching for text on a page:

  1. Open the Find bar using one of the following methods:
    • Use the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.
    • Click on the menu button new fx menu , and then click Find.
  2. Type a search phrase into the Find Bar's Find: field. Firefox will start highlighting instances of your search phrase as you type.

Note: The Find Bar will appear at the very bottom left of your browser page. You can also almost always access it by holding down the Shift Key and F3 at the same time.


Use the find bar to find specific words or terms on the page you're viewing. Press the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘-F (Mac) to bring up the find bar on the page.


In Safari, select Command + F and a little search field appears in the top right corner of Safari’s main window. Type in a word and as soon as you start typing, it starts searching. You don’t have to hit return to make it work.

If it finds your search term on the page, it highlights the first place it finds it in bright yellow (and lists how many times that term appears on the page). If the word appears on the page more than once, you can press the right arrow button the left of the search field and it will jump to the next instance where the word appears. When you are finished searching, either click the Done button to the right of the search field or hit the ESC key on your keyboard.