LERA 2022 Award Recipients

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Please congratulate these deserving and accomplished LERA 2022 Award Recipients!

These awards were recognized at the
LERA Virtual 74th Annual Meeting, June 3-5, 2022

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2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association Lifetime Achievement Award is a capstone achievement for lifelong contributors to the field of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, from all perspectives. This award was established in 2000, and awardees are recognized at the LERA Annual Meeting, in conjunction with the Presidential Luncheon.

Bernard Anderson  Lisa Lynch 
Bernard Anderson
Wharton School (ret.)  
Lisa Lynch
Brandeis University

2022 LERA Fellow Awards (Academic and Practitioner)

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually bestows the LERA Fellows Award. The LERA Fellows designation is meant to recognize scholars and practitioners who have made contributions of unusual distinction to the field and have been in the profession and field for longer than ten years. The selection committee for the Fellow scholar title considered contributions from all disciplines such as Industrial Relations, Labor Law, Economics, Human Resources, Business, Sociology, Political Science, and Organizational Behavior.

2022 Academic Fellows

Sarosh Kuruvilla
Chris Tilly
Francoise Carre 
Doug Kruse
Sarosh Kuruvilla
Cornell University 
Chris Tilly
Françoise Carré
University of Massachusetts-Boston

 Doug Kruse
Rutgers University

2022 Practitioner Fellows

Meeta Bass
Erin Johansson
Mickey Brock  Sheila Mayberry
Meeta Bass
Erin Johansson
Jobs With Justice

Mickey Brock

Sheila Mayberry

2022 Susan C. Eaton Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association has established an award in honor of Susan C. Eaton, scholar and practitioner and LERA member who passed away in 2003. The Susan C. Eaton Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Award is given annually to a member of the LERA for achievements of distinction as both an academic and practitioner in our field, emphasizing the value of bringing together the academic and practitioner communities.

Steven Greenhouse

Steven Greenhouse, Journalist


2022 John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Awards

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually recognizes outstanding academic contributions to research by recent entrants to the field (recent is defined as receiving terminal degree within the last ten years) with the John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Awards. One award recognizes the research contributions of international and/or comparative labor and employment research, and one award recognizes the research addressing industrial relations/employment issues of national significance.

Rachel Aleks  Chiara Benassi
Rachel Aleks, University of Windsor
For outstanding contributions to research that address industrial relations/employment problems of 
national significance.
Chiara Benassi, King’s College London
For outstanding contributions to research that address industrial relations/employment problems of 
international significance.


2022 LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually confers the LERA Outstanding Practitioner Award. This award recognizes a distinguished practitioner for unique contributions to labor and employment relations practice over her/his career, consistent with the values and the mission of the LERA.

Owen Herrnstadt

Owen Herrnstadt

2022 James G. Scoville Best International/Comparative IR/HR Paper Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually selects the most outstanding international and comparative employment issues paper as the winner of the James G. Scoville Best International Paper Award, which carries a cash prize. The award was established in conjunction with the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies at the University of Minnesota to honor retiring professor and long-time member of the LERA, James G. Scoville. Eligible published papers on international and comparative employment issues are considered, including those with empirical material on employment issues from two or more countries, that examine transnational employment-relations phenomena, or that make theoretical contributions using empirical material from a single country with implicit international comparisons.

Chunyun Li

Chunyun Li
London School of Economics

2022 Kenneth May Media Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually recognizes superior reporting regarding issues of importance to our labor-management community including academics, practitioners, industries, and dispute resolution professionals. This award carries the distinction of the recipient being invited to present at the LERA Annual Meeting on their journalistic body of work.

Eli Rosenberg
Margot Roosevelt Katie Johnston 
Michael Sainato

Eli Rosenberg
Washington Post

Margot Roosevelt
LA Times

Katie Johnston
Boston Globe 

Michael Sainato
The Guardian (freelancer) 


2022 Thomas A. Kochan & Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Award

The Labor and Employment Relations Association has established an annual competition for post-doctoral students in the field of industrial relations or related fields such as history, political science, economics, sociology, etc., as long as they are broadly related to employment relations as reflected in the publications and membership of the LERA. The purpose is twofold: (1) to stimulate greater awareness and interest among doctoral students at colleges and universities of the field of industrial relations, and (2) to provide a vehicle by which an outstanding thesis by a doctoral student can be made more widely known to scholars in the field. Each year, the Thomas A. Kochan & Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Award committee reads thousands of pages of dissertations and determines which papers are the most significant contributions to the body of research in the field.

Debbie Goldman

Debbie Goldman
 Resistance in the Digital Workplace: Call Center Workers in Bell Telephone Companies, 1965-2005


2022 Susan C. Eaton Research Grant Award

This award is granted bi-annually to the most promising and relevant proposal for research or research-in-action consistent with the values and principles of the work of Susan C. Eaton and that best honors her legacy as an outstanding scholar-practitioner. 

Jasmine Platt Ronald Schatz
Jasmine Platt
Boise State University
Ron Schatz
Wesleyan University


2022 DCDC Best Paper Award

The Deans, Chairs, and Directors Council (DCDC), formerly the UCIRHRP, sponsors a student paper competition at the LERA Annual Meeting. New developments in employment relations, organizational behavior, and social movements call for a closer look at emergent processes, outcomes and organizational forms. The motivation for this special award is to reflect the diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches to researching emergent phenomena in the field. Examples include, but are by no means restricted to new forms of labor market institutions; diversity in organizations; social movements; and international/transnational actors and organizations.

  Jianxuan Lei
  Jianxuan Lei, University of Minnesota
The Importance of Legal Strength for Trade Unions: Theory and Evidence in the Chinese Context

2022 LERA Chapter Awards

The Labor and Employment Relations Association annually recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of local LERA chapters with three levels of LERA Chapter Awards including Chapter Merit Awards, Outstanding Chapter Awards, and Chapter Star Awards.

2022 LERA Outstanding Chapter Awards

  • SoCal LERA is awarded the Outstanding Chapter Award in 2022 for its significant contributions in the areas of Chapter Turnaround or Startup/New Chapter, Outstanding Programming, Member Innovation, Consistent Chapter Excellence, Chapter Communications, and Community Involvement.

2022 LERA Chapter Merit Awards

  • Long Island LERA received Merit Awards for Member Innovation, Chapters Helping Chapters, and Chapter Communications
  • DC LERA received Merit Awards for Outstanding Programming and Chapter to National Relations
  • COLERA received Merit Awards for Outstanding Programming and Member Innovation
  • Virginia LERA received a Merit Award for Outstanding Program
  • NW LERA received a Merit Award for Community Involvement
  • VLERA received Merit Awards for Outstanding Programming and Community Involvement

You are invited to personally nominate someone deserving to receive a LERA Award at the
LERA 75th Annual Meeting, in Detroit, MI, on June 1-4, 2023.

Please visit the LERA Deadlines page for complete information about each award, lists of past award recipients,
and nomination forms, which are due by January 15, 2023, or download the "Calls for Awards" below:

Call for Practitioner Award Nominations: https://lera.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/awardscall-practitioners2023.pdf
Call for Scholar Award Nominations: https://lera.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/awardscall-scholars2023.pdf
Call for Student Award Nominations: https://lera.memberclicks.net/assets/docs/awardscall-students2023.pdf