Labor Relations Specialist
Job Posted: 1 May 2024
Company: Indiana Constructors Inc.
Closing Date: Until Filled
Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA


To apply send a resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

Summary of Position:

Manage union contract negotiation teams representing all member companies signatory to IN labor contracts. Design and oversee the delivery of the statewide drug-testing program for all member companies signatory to IN labor contracts. Maintain the position as the member’s first stop for labor-related questions, situations and challenges. The individual will have the ability to speak, educate and relate to individuals within all levels of a corporate structure - supervisors to safety managers to CEOs -with a goal of helping members have the most productive workforce as possible.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Achieve organizational goals as established by management
  • Prepare for and lead the negotiation of labor contracts to which Indiana Constructors Inc. (ICI) and members are signatory.
    • This includes, but is not limited to:
      • the Laborer’s International Union of North America
      • the International Union of Operating Engineers
      • the Central Midwest Regional Council of Carpenters
      • the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
      • and others
  • Perform the same lead negotiator function for the Associated General Contractors of Indiana (AGCI) and their signatory company members;
  • Preparation includes, but is not limited to:
    • coordinating, scheduling and staffing Labor Relations Division (LRD)
    • negotiating team strategy meetings
    • coordination with other member signatory companies re. pending or ongoing negotiations
    • scheduling and staffing actual negotiation sessions with each union
  • Work with member companies, union partners and outside vendor(s) in developing and managing the most appropriate drug-testing program for all stakeholders
  • Serve as the custodian of all labor agreements negotiated by the LRD on behalf of the signatory members and assist members as their first-stop advisor in interpreting language in various labor agreements
  • Assistance includes, but is not limited to:
    • advising all members on state and federal prevailing wage laws, rules and regulations
    • advising all members as to their rights under the National Labor Relations Act and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, including termination of labor agreements and withdrawal liability associated therein
    • working with signatory members when grievances are filed
    • advising and/or representing signatory members who are threatened or faced with a work stoppage, including unfair labor practice charges filed by either the contractor or a labor organization
    • advising all members when it is in their best interest to engage with competent labor counsel
  • Find, appoint and train management-side trustees for various pension/health and welfare/training/fringe benefit funds
  • If necessary, serve as a management trustee on one or more funds
  • Monitor, analyze and communicate to members significant changes to both state and federal laws, rules and regulations related to labor practices, equal opportunity laws, or other programs impacting their workforce
  • Maintain a working relationship and open line of communication with the signatory union representatives and officers in order to make the resolution of grievances, jobsite issues and future negotiations more streamlined
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with industry peers from our national partner organizations to similar organizations or chapters in other states
  • Work with others on the ICI and AGCI teams in advocacy efforts with state and local entities as it relates to labor laws, rules and regulations
  • Prepare reports, as needed, for the ICI Board of Directors and/or AGCI Board of Directors
  • Initiate ideas for new and better ways to perform responsibilities and bring recommendations to management’s attention for possible implementation
  • Perform special projects as assigned by management
  • Help facilitate other Association events, as required
  • Abide by all policies established by management


Minimum Bachelor’s degree required. Some experience in construction operations, labor/HR management or association management preferred.

This position requires someone who is a detail-oriented, critical thinker but is also able to speak and represent the Association to a wide variety of audiences. Candidate must be a self-starter with good writing, communication and organization skills. Computer literacy required.

Other Skills:

This job description describes the general duties and responsibilities of the position. It is not a complete list of duties, and the staff member may be required to take on additional duties and responsibilities as required by the needs of the Association.

Compensation commensurate with experience. Standard ICI benefits package will apply. As there will be some driving involved, the successful candidate must own their own vehicle and will be reimbursed for its use at the IRS-issued standard mileage reimbursement rate.