2015 November eBulletin

In this issue of LERA's e-Bulletin: November 2015

  • Steven Greenhouse on vanishing pay raises
  • Daniel J.B. Mitchell’s blogs
  • Oren Levin-Waldman blogs
  • Jared Bernstein blogs


  • LERA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Steven Greenhouse, writing in the New York Times about wage stagnation quotes Peter Cappelli, Lawrence Katz and Lawrence Mishel.


  • Daniel J.B. Mitchell, who almost single-handedly keeps LERA members up to date on labor and employment news on the LERA Dialog listserv also posts a weekly blog on the Employment Policy Research Network website. You can access all his blogs, “Mitchell’s Musings,” posted on LERA’s Employment Policy Research Network, here:


  • Oren Levin-Waldman also regularly blogs on EPRN. He writes on the minimum wage and other employment-related public-policy issues. You can access his blogs here:


  • The details of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership are coming out. The proposed 12-nation pact that affects 40 percent of world trade was a charged topic at LERA’s Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. Jared Bernstein, former Obama administration economic adviser, in his Huffington Post blog evenhandedly provides context and historical perspective.