2017 May eBulletin

In this issue of LERA's eBulletin: May 2017

  • Member news: Weil, Katz, Krueger; Holzer; Reich, Rothstein; Autor; Election Announcement; LERA Award Recipients
  • Calls to action: LERA 69th Annual Meeting Registration, Anaheim Hotel Update, Industry Councils to meet
  • Further reading (and listening) for LERA Members

Member News:

David Weil (Boston University), Lawrence Katz (Harvard) and Alan Krueger (Princeton)on job “fissuring” in the New York Times:


NPR’s 1A podcast, “Who’s looking out for the American Worker?” on May Day discusses the state of workers today and the workforce and the future. One of the discussants is Georgetown economist Harry Holzer.


Michael Reich and Jesse Rothstein (UC-Berkeley) answer the question “Do Minimum Wages Really Kill Jobs?”


David Autor (MIT) on a Freakanomics podcast, “How safe is your job?”


More LERA Member News:

 • The results of the 2017 LERA Election are in. The newest members of the LERA Executive Board are named below and you can see more complete information here.
LERA 2017 President Elect: Kris Rondeau
Newest Academic Members: Sylvia Allegretto and Virginia Doellgast
Newest Academic w/out IR/HR: Matthew Bodah
Newest Neutral Member: Sheila Mayberry
Newest Labor Member: Joan Husted
Newest Management Member: Bill Dirksen
First RVP, West Region: Jim Pruitt
First RVP, Mid Region: John Budd
First RVP, East Region: Michele Hoyman
• Be sure to congratulate the LERA 2017 Award Recipients! This year the LERA 69th Annual Meeting will feature an awards winner roundtable. It will take place on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 3:45 pm, just prior to the LERA General Membership Meeting and Award Ceremony at the Hilton Anaheim.LERA 2017 Award Recipients
Lifetime Achievement Awardees:
  • Sir Peter Carr, UK National Health Service
  • Eileen Appelbaum, Center for Economic and Policy Research
  • John F. Burton Jr., Rutgers University (ret.)

Academic Fellow Awardees:

  • William H. Holley, Jr., Auburn University
  • Michael Reich, University of California, Berkeley
  • Adrienne Eaton, Rutgers University
Practitioner Fellow Awardees:
  • Mark Cousens, Attorney
  • Bill Dirksen, Ford Motor Company
  • Mary Ellen Shea, Mediator / Arbitrator
Susan C. Eaton Outstanding Scholar-Practitioner Awardee:
  • Erica Groshen, Former Commissioner of Labor Statistics
John T. Dunlop Outstanding Scholar Awardees:
  • Dionne Pohler, University of Toronto
  • Victor Tan Chen, Virginia Commonwealth University

LERA Outstanding Practitioner Awardee:

  • Sheldon  Friedman, AFL-CIO

LERA Media Awardees:

  • Peter Waldman, Bloomberg
  • Natalie Kitroeff, Los Angeles Times

James G. Scoville Best International/Comparative IR/HR Paper Awardee:

  • Peter Sheldon, University of New South Wales
  • Raoul Nacamulli, Università di Milano -Bicocca
  • Francesco Paoletti, Università di Milano -Bicocca
  • David Morgan, University of New South Wales

Thomas A. Kochan & Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Awardee:

  • Bradley R. Weinberg, Cornell University

Thomas A. Kochan & Stephen R. Sleigh Best Dissertation Honorable Mentions:

  • Jae Eun Lee, Ithaca College
  • Akasemi N. Newsome, University of California, Berkeley

LERA Chapter Awards:

  • TERRA - LERA Chapter Star Award
  • LERA-Atlanta - LERA Chapter Star Award
  • Long Island LERA - LERA Outstanding Chapter Award
  • LERA Gateway - Merit Award for Chapters Helping Chapters
  • Mid-Michigan LERA - Merit Award for Outstanding Programming.
  • LERA Gateway - Chapters Helping Chapters
  • Northwest (Seattle) LERA - Merit Awards for Consistent Chapter Excellence and Outstanding Programming.
  • OC (Orange County) LERA - Merit Awards for Member Innovation and Chapter to National Relations.
  • Oregon LERA - Merit Awards for Chapters Helping Chapters and Consistent Chapter Excellence.
  • RU LERA - Merit Awards for Chapter Startup and Member Innovation.
  • Alabama LERA - Merit Award for Chapter to National Relations.
  • SW Pennsylvania LERA- Merit Awards for Member Innovation and Chapters Helping Chapters.
  • Laurel Highlands LERA- Merit Award for Member Innovation and Chapters Helping Chapters.

Calls to Action:

  • Register for the LERA 69th Annual Meeting, June 1-4, 2017 in Anaheim, CA. Headquartered at the Hilton Anaheim, the LERA 69th Annual Meeting will feature 89 events and sessions, including pre-conference day professional skill building workshops, an all-day port tour hosted by the Longshore Workers, and a night out at the Angel’s game on Friday, June 2.
    Meeting Home: https://lera.memberclicks.net/69th-lera-anl-mtg
    Program: http://leraoffice.org/drupalinclude/program.asp

  • Have you made your hotel reservations at the Hilton Anaheim for the LERA 69th Annual Meeting? If you haven't yet, you may encounter difficulty getting a room on the nights of Saturday, June 3 or Sunday, June 4 as the hotel is selling out rapidly. If you would like a room in at the Sheraton at the Park at the Anaheim Resort adjacent to the Hilton Anaheim, contact them directly for availability. They are the closest to the Hilton Anaheim, are a union property and many LERA participants will be staying there.

  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld (Brandeis University) is leading a re-invigoration effort of LERA’s Industry Councils and Interest Sections. Contact him at (217) 979-3771; [email protected]. He invites you to attend a meeting for LERA Industry Councils which will be held at the LERA 69th Annual Meeting, in Anaheim from 8:30 to 10 am in the California Ballroom B on Friday, June 2, 2017. A meeting for LERA Interest Sections will take place in the same room, immediately following, from 10:15 to 11:45 am.

Further reading:

Send new member book notices to Michael Lillich at [email protected].