2017 December 15 eBulletin

December 15, 2017

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In the News

Peter CappelliPeter Cappelli (Wharton) on NPR,  “U.S. Employers Struggle to Match Workers with Open Jobs.”


Ruth MilkmanRuth Milkman (CUNY) is quoted in this American Prospect article about manufacturing workers at high-tech electric automaker Tesla who complain about wages and working conditions as well as efforts to organize through the UAW.
Michael LeRoyMichael LeRoy (Illinois) in an op-ed, “The HR joke is on us,” about workplace sexual harassment and the courts in the Champaign News-Gazette.

David NeumarkDavid Neumark’s (UC-Irvine) research is featured in a Forbes magazine story, “The age discrimination law at age 50: A mixed bag.”

Dan MitchellEconomics-management-labor-pubic policy news hound Dan Mitchell (UCLA) on the LERA-D (dialog) listserv pointed to an article in the Journal of Economic Perspectives on reasons for officially low productivity increases since 2004 may be a product of mismeasurement.

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