2018 June 15 eBulletin

June 15, 2018

LERA eBulletin

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Blau; Cutcher-Gershenfeld; Basefsky; Yamada; Ghilarducci

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In the News

Francine BlauFrancine Blau (Cornell) is racking up lots of podcast coverage on the male-female wage gap.

Here she is on a FiveThirtyEight.com.

And here on a Planet Money podcast:
Joel Cutcher-GershenfeldDesigning Reality: How to Thrive in the Third Digital Revolution, is a new book by Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld  (Brandeis) and his brothers Alan and Neil. Published by Basic Books, it came out in November. Check out the web site:

Stuart BasefskyStuart Basefsky posted on the LERA-Dialog listserv a Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the record (low) number of work stoppages last year.

David YamadaDavid Yamada (Suffolk) has a blog on the themes of work and employment in the FX and Amazon Prime series “The Americans.”

Teresa GhilarducciFrom Teresa Ghilarducci (The New School) and the New School Retirement Equity Lab: “Unstable or low-wage jobs make up more than half of older workers' job growth.”

And her May older worker jobs report.
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