Continuing Legal Education Credits available at the LERA 69th Annual Meeting

OC-LERA has partnered with National LERA to offer CLE credits for qualifying sessions at the LERA Annual Meeting as well as for our Pre-Conference Day Workshops all held between May 31 - June 4, 2017 at the Hilton Anaheim (777 Convention Way).

Workshop 1 | Workshop 2 | Meeting Sessions | OCLERA Dinner Meeting


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LERA is offering two companion professional development workshops on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at the Hilton Anaheim (777 Convention Way) to provide valuable hands-on training for resolving workplace conflicts.

Workshop Pricing
Registration is open. All participants and attendees must register.
Online registration will be open through May 25, 2017.
The registration fee (which includes continental breakfast and lunch) is:
$50/ea workshop for LERA Members with conference registration or
$100/ea workshop for Non-LERA Members or when registered for independently of the conference.
Workshop Schedule
8:30 - 10 am, Badge Pickup and Registration (Avilon AB)
9 - 10 am, Continental Breakfast (Avilon AB)
10 am - 12 pm,  Workshop 1 - Negotiating Techniques to Resolve Workplace Conflicts (Avilon AB)
12:15 - 12:55 pm, Lunch (Avilon AB)
1 pm - 3 pm, Workshop 2 - Litigation Mechanisms to Resolve Workplace Conflicts (Avilon AB)

Workshop 1 - Negotiating Techniques to Resolve Workplace Conflicts
Facilitated by:
Marlene Heyser
LERA Past President and Workplace Law Strategies
Bonnie Castrey
LERA Past President and Dispute Resolution Services

Description: This PDW will focus on how negotiating and mediation techniques can resolve workplace conflicts. The use of these techniques to resolve conflicts both informally and in a formal dispute will be explored.

CLE Credits - two (2) for attending

Who should attend? Union Officials and Shop Stewards; Company Executives and Managers; General Counsel; Human Resources Professionals; Labor & Employment Attorneys; Professors, Scholars and Researchers.

Workshop 2 - Litigation Mechanisms to Resolve Workplace Disputes
Facilitated by: Catherine Fisk, UC Irvine School of Law; David Lewin, UCLA Anderson School of Management
Featured Panelists

Thomas Lenz
Atkinson Andelson 

Keith Watts
Ogletree Deakins
 Carlos Perez, Reich Adell

Description: This PDW will explore key workplace dispute issues that are largely the subject of litigation rather than of internal dispute resolution procedures.  These issues include independent contractor v. employee status, no-poaching and non-compete agreements, and the reasonableness of executive compensation. Plaintiff and defendant perspectives on these issues will be presented, as will be the role of experts in these matters.

CLE Credits - two (2) for attending

Who should attend? Executives, especially Chief Operating Officers, General Counsel and Chief Human Resource Officers; Line Managers; Union Officials; Labor and Employment Attorneys; Labor and Employment Law Scholars and Researchers.

 Meeting Sessions

The following sessions have qualified for available CLE credit

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Session TimeSession TitleCLE Hours
Thurs, June 1, 2017
8:30 - 10:00 am
1.1  The Law and Economics of Local Minimum Wage Initiatives—Carmel
Chair: Samuel L. Myers Jr., University of Minnesota
Discussants: Sylvia A. Allegretto, University of California, Berkeley
William M. Rodgers III, Rutgers University
William Spriggs, Howard University
Thurs, June 1, 2017
10:15 - 11:45 am
2.3  The Future of Labor Law Under a Changing NLRB (Workshop)—Avila AB
Chair: Mori Rubin, Regional Director Region 31 National Labor Relations Board
Panelists: William Cowen, Regional Director Region 21 National Labor Relations BoardProviding Information On Current NLRB
Law, Policies and Procedures
Catherine L. Fisk, University of California, IrvineIdentifying Areas of Likely Change in Board Law and Procedures
Katherine Stone, University of California, Los AngelesDiscussing Areas of Likely Change in Board Law and Procedures
Thurs, June 1, 2017
4:00 - 5:00 pm
LERA Featured Plenary: Just Back from the Policy Wars—California Ballroom C
Chair: Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Panelists: Phyllis C. Borzi, US DOL, Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA)Healthcare in the New Administration
Craig Becker, General Counsel, AFL-CIO and Former Member NLRBAdministering Federal Labor Law Under President Obama
David Weil, US Department of LaborWage and Hour in the New Administration
Fri, June 2, 2017
8:30 - 10:00 am
4.3  Making Mediation Work in the Context of Labor Grievances—Salinas
Chair: Harold Coleman, American Arbitration Association
Discussant: John English, American Arbitration Association
4.5  Workplace Confidential: Conducting Lawful Investigations—Monterey
Co-Chairs: Marlene K. Heyser, Workplace Law Strategies and Thomas A. Lenz, Atkinson Andelson Loya Ruud & Romo
Presenters: Thomas A. Lenz, Atkinson Andelson Loya Ruud & Romo; Michael Robbins, EXTTI, Incorporated; and Michael Four, Schwartz, Steinsapir, Dohrmann & SommersWORKPLACE CONFIDENTIAL: Conducting Lawful Investigations
Fri, June 2, 2017
10:15 - 11:45 am
5.1  History and Success of Fact Finding/Mediation in California under PERB (Workshop)—Carmel
Chair: Bonnie Castrey, Dispute Resolution Services
Panelists: John Gray, School Services of CaliforniaFrom Management's Perspective
Ron Bennett, Schools Services of CaliforniaManagement Perspective
Terry Elverum, California Federation of TeachersFrom Labor's Perspective Representing Certificated and Classified Employees
Joe Boyd, California Federation of TeachersLabor's Perspective
5.4  Forced Arbitration and Why It Matters—San Simeon AB
Chair: Alexander J.S. Colvin, Cornell University
Panelists: Katherine Stone, University of California, Los AngelesContemporary Arbitration Debates
Cliff Palefsky, Partner, McGuinn, Hillsman & PalefskyPlaintiff-Side Attorney's View of Arbitration
Henry Lederman, Littler & MendelsonManagement Attorney's View of Arbitration
Mark Gough, Pennsylvania State UniversityContemporary Employment Arbitration Scholarship
Fri, June 2, 2017
2:00 - 3:30 pm
6.5  NAA/LERA Joint Session—Monterey
Chair: TBA
Presenter: Theodore J. St. Antoine, University of MichiganArbitrators Ethical Obligations in Ad Hoc Cases
Fri, June 2, 2017
3:45 - 5:15 pm
7.4  The Decennial Passion Play: Agricultural Immigration Issues Facing the Current Congress and Administration (Symposium)—San Simeon AB
Chair: Charles Jeszeck, US Government Accountability Office
Presenters: Nagla'a El Hodiri and Amy Anderson, US Government Accountability OfficeH-2A and H-2B Visa Programs: Increased Protections Needed for Foreign Workers
Elizabeth Mauldin, Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, IncRecruitment Revealed: Fundamental Flaws in the H-2 Temporary Worker Program and Recommendations for Change
Bruce Goldstein, Farmworker JusticeCurrent Developments in Immigration Legislation Regarding the H-2A Agricultural Guestworker Program
Discussants: Philip Martin, University of California, Davis
Heather Grob, Saint Martin's University
Sat, June 3, 2017
8:30 - 10:00 am
8.2  Challenges Facing Organized Labor Under Trump Administration—Avila AB
Chair: John A. Logan, San Francisco State University
Panelists: Nelson Lichtenstein, University of California, Santa BarbaraExecutive Orders Affecting Labor-Management Relations
Catherine L. Fisk, University of California, IrvineThe Supreme Court and the "Next Friedrichs" Case (on Agency Fee Payers in the Public Sector)
Peter Dreier, Occidental College"Paycheck Protection" Legislation at the National and Local Levels
Wilma B. Liebman, former Chair, National Labor Relations BoardWhat to Expect from a Trump NLRB
Lynn Rhinehart, AFL-CIORight to Work Legislation at the National, State and Local Levels
Sat, June 3, 2017
10:15 - 11:45 am
9.3  User-Friendly Arbitration: Helping the Process Serve the Parties (Workshop)—Salinas
Chair: Tia Schneider Denenberg, Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Presenter: Marcia L. Greenbaum, Arbitrator/MediatorShedding Unnecessary Formalities